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Our Story

Craving to Raving

La bouffe. That’s French for nosh. When researching the suitable name for our healthful snacking alternative, the elegance of the French word was appealing. It did, however, fail to impart the balance of indulgent and light in the same context. Many different word choices simply failed to make the grade. It was then that we decided to keep it simple and let the product speak for itself, if only it can.

NoshMates truly is the best of both worlds, combining the essence of fruit and grains with the decadence of smooth dipping sauces. The bright side of our dual compartment packaging is the easy on the go quick fix, with the dark side being our secret obsession for the ultra gooey melt away delectables. Share the passion? Join the wholesome meets confection movement and we know you'll be crowd sharing in more ways than one. Sense the sensational flavor quotient when dunking perfectly crisp varieties into luxurious swirls of liquid coating bliss. Join the trend of double the fun with every flavor duo.

Make it 'a NoshMates moment.'

Nosh Mates

In Good Company

Two part snacking at its best, crispy sliced fruit chips, or Gluten free pretzels, meet divine swirls of liquid chocolate and caramel sensations, for the best of both worlds.

Crispy Apples
& Dip
3 Count Box

Crispy Red Apple Chips & Salted Caramel Dip

Crispy Red Apple Chips & Dark Chocolate Fudge Dip

Crispy Green Apple Chips & Chocolate Caramel

Crispy Green Apple Chips & Caramel Dip

Gluten Free Pretzels
& Dip
3 Count Box

Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks & Dark Chocolate Fudge Dip

Gluten free Pretzel Sticks & Caramel Dip

Crispy Bananas
& Dip
3 Count Box

Crispy Banana Slices & Dark Chocolate Fudge

Step inside our ‘snacktuary’, and stay tuned for more great specialty food products coming soon.


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